What to do near Nice, France?

Adventures in South of France

I've been in France more times than I can count. Ever since I was 1 year old, we've always spent our summers near Nice in Villeneuve Loubet. We have been on countless adventures, but some are more special than others. Le Loup (the Wolf) is a river that flows from the mountains down to the sea. 

In the video below, you'll find our local forest. Walking distance from our summer house. There's something special about this forest. This was our first day of our vacation!

Cap d'Antibes - Snorkeling

We went to Cap d'Antibes to walk along the coast and do some snorkeling. I used my drone (DJI Mavic Air) to capture the coast from above, and my GoPro to capture the sea.

The water was warm and clear as always. Cap d'Antibes is the place where I first learned to snorkel and scuba dive. It was here where my love for octopuses grew. Almost every time I snorkel here, I meet an octopus. This time I met two! One of the octopi had caught a crab, and the other one was smaller and didn't trust me. I realised how easy it would be to be mean to them, and that made me sad.

Gorges du Loup - Canyoning

Another place where I've spent a lot of time at is Gorges du Loup. It's the same river as in the first video, but here the water has formed beautiful pools and waterfalls. A lot of adventurers go on canyoning tours with guides. We've never tried that. Instead we just park our car near and climb down. Going up and down in the canyon is amazing. We actually went there twice, two days in a row. It won't be the last time either. 

The first time we went here, I flew the drone and explored a bigger part of the canyon. The second day we went to a new place a couple of hundred meters further up the road. Same canyon but a different place. It was awesome as well:

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures in the South of France, and that you got inspired to go on your own adventure. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave your comments in this post or directly on the videos.