Malta – a summer adventure

A couple of days ago, we traveled to Malta for a summer adventure

When we arrived it was warm and dry. From the window of our bus, we could gaze upon the "different" architecture and nature that is Malta. One really doesn't know where one city ends and another one begins, so the "real" nature and animal life is not on land, but in the water.

St Paul's Bay

We stayed at Gillieru Harbour Hotel in St Paul's bay. The hotel was OK, but the water in St Paul's Bay was magnificent. One day we manage to rent a small "boat" (Self drive boat). This is something that we really recommend:

The first evening was pleasant, since the temperature dropped a couple of degrees. We could also enjoy a beautiful sunset.
st pauls bay sunset Awesome sunset
malta North of St Paul's Bay
st pauls bay Our first day
The next couple of days we went on several amazing adventures. We visited Gozo and the Azure Window, the Blue Lagoon, Popeye Village, Mdina and even tried out Flyboarding.

Azure Window

The Azure Window is an extraordinary place. The water is crystal clear and there is a lot of marine life. However, there can be many tourists, so it can be beneficial to come later during the day. We managed to find a good spot near the "window" and we went out for a swim.

Blue Lagoon

Another day, we went on a snorkeling tour to the Blue Lagoon. The sea was a bit rough, so taking pictures of the bay was not a high priority. However, when we came into the lagoon, it became very still. It's important to know that the beaches in the Blue Lagoon are crowded. Somehow, we managed to move past all the tourists and into the water:

Popeye Village

Popeye Village is a museum, but it used to be a movie set for the 1980's film; Popeye. The houses are colorful and funny built. We strongly recommend that you visit Popeye Villige, but mostly for the view.
popeye village


Visiting and dining in Mdina is a must, if you are on Malta. It's an old town with beautiful architecture. We strongly recommend that you find a restaurant on the east side of the city, the view is magnificent. We ate dinner at Xpresso Bistro Cafe and it was great. Although the view was a little bit better than the food.
mdina view

Flyboard Malta

On our last day, we went to Msida to try out a Flyboard with Flyboard Malta. What can we say, it was pretty awesome - and worth every penny!
flyboard malta

We managed to do a lot on only 7 days, and this was definitely the best summer adventure of 2014! share this post