Torö Stenstrand – Snorkeling in freezing water

toro stenstrand vatten

Friday night, two days ago we traveled to Torö Stenstrand and slept in the car. We woke up early to catch the sunrise.

Yesterday was amazing! The weather was great, barely no clouds and no wind, still very cold. After some walking along the beach I decided to do some snorkeling. The water was between 4-6°C, but the air was much colder (around -3°C). It was a very strange feeling dipping the mask in the water and seeing the small droplets turn to ice within seconds. However, it was worth it! The water was crystal clear, plenty of jellyfish and I even spotted a very strange fish that I've never seen before. Here's a short video of the snorkeling session:
sunrise with ice
ice cold water
snorkeling baltic sea
torö stenstrand november

Northern Lights Timelapse

northern light timelapse

Two weeks ago, we traveled to Kiruna and Abisko.

It was cold yet beautiful. The fist two days we traveled by car to Abisko (another post about that trip later), and the last day we went aurora-hunting in Kiruna.

The weather condition was perfect for northern lights gazing, and we were promised good activity. From the town we hiked about 50 minutes to a huge stone rubble, where disturbing light were limited. We successfully captured the whole show on our GoPro Hero 4, and compiled the best 12 seconds into a short video: