Visit Gotland – A Travel Guide to nature

Do you plan to visit Gotland? If the answer is yes - keep reading! We have been on Gotland many times the last couple of years.

In fact we have a summer house on the south part of Gotland, so we have a lot of experience. In this travel guide to Gotland, we will share our best tips and advise to get as much as possible out from your visit. 

Inspiration - From our latest visits to Gotland:

Our top 3 places on Gotland:

1. Herrvik / Östergarnsholm

The nature and tranquility of Herrvik and Östergarnsholm is something special. The places are located on the middle east side of Gotland, about 40 min drive from Visby. On the mainland (Herrvik) the water is clear and there are many cool rock formations you can climb on. If you park your car in the harbour, you just continue east towards the sea. There you'll find a small beach and nice rock formations. Below you'll find two videos from Herrvik and Östergarnsholm. Hopefully you can get some inspiration before you decide if you want to visit these places.

2. Holmhällar / Heligholmen

Holmhällar and Heligholmen är located on the southern part of Gotland. It's quite far away from Visby, but the long drive it totally worth it. The landscapes are beautiful and when you get down to the sea, you will find very unique rock formations: Raukar!  The English term for "Raukar" is Sea Stacks. Holmhällar three major areas of sea stacks. Usually there aren't that many people here, so you can be rather undisturbed. You are allowed to climb the sea stacks, but be mindful of the environment and don't leave any trash behind. Heligholmen is a small island located just south of the third sea stack area in Holmhällar. If you want to walk or swim over to the island you have to think about two important thing: 1. Birds are nesting here, and you are not allowed to visit the island during specific dates: 15th of March - 30th of June. 2. There can be strong currents between the mainland and the island. There have been accidents at this spot. So if you want to go out, make sure you are a good swimmer, have a mask and snorkel with you, a wetsuit helps with the cold. You can also use a stand up paddle board or kayak if you have access to one.

3. Hoburgen / Hoburgsgubben

Hoburgen is one of the most famous spots on Gotland! Plenty of tourists come here every year, and the reason is simple - it's beautiful!  Hoburgen is also located on the south part of Gotland, in fact it is the most southern part of Gotland. There are plenty of things to explore here. You can clime the cliffs and get a magnificent view over the sea. You can walk along the beach (quite far if you have stamina). There are natural caves you can enter and the famous rock "Hoburgsgubben" is something worth taking a photo of!

Surfing on Gotland?

There are four major surfspots on Gotland, and they are all located on the middle and northern parts of the island: 1. Tofta strand (middle west coast - south of Visby)  2. Högklint (middle west coast - south of Visby) 3. Kappelhamnsviken (Ireviken - north of Visby) 4. Fårö (north of Gotland on the island Fårö) We have been to two of the spots, se the videos below. I truly recommend that you check out Magic Sea Weed to see if there are any swells when you are on Gotland. If you don't have your own board, you can rent one from Surflogiet Gotland. They are located on Tofta strand.


Gotland is a beautiful island worth visiting many time, especially if you like nature, hiking and snorkeling. The best season for visiting is early summer - June.  I hope you found these tips and guides useful. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't done that already!