Gotland – Sweden

Catching flounders by hand - and release

This video was shot at the southernmost place on Gotland called Hoburgen. It is a beautiful place, both on land and beneath the surface. In this video I caught several flounders by hand, cleaned them from parasites (leeches) and released them back to freedom. I was a bit surprised how easy it was to catch them. If I had to eat and had no money on Gotland, this fishing method is probably a lot easier than fishing with a rod. During this trip, we had a lot of food, so killing them would feel wrong. Beside the flounders the rock formations at Hoburgen are very special. It´s deeper than Djupvik (see video below) and more rough.

Pet flounder on Gotland - Djupvik

In this video we are on the west coast of Gotland - Djupvik. A very calm and beautiful place. There was almost no wind at all, which made the visibility very good. Probably the best I´ve ever seen in the Baltic Sea. During this snorkeling trip I found a flounder hiding in the seaweed. I followed it slowly and after a while it stopped being afraid of me. Just like the flounders at Hoburgen I also noticed it had parasites on its fin, so I gently removed them and let the flounder back into the sea.

Adventures on Gotland