Video marketing for hotels

We offer 3 different deals for hotels and travel companies that want to increase their brand awareness without any risk - You only pay when we deliver. We will create a unique travel video highlight to your business!

Here's one of our more recent travel videos:

This video has got over 13.000 organic views, which means that we haven't marked it at all. It's been spread and share because people enjoy watching it and getting inspiration for their travels. The video that we will make for you, will be an effective marketing channel that can generate many new customers.

"Video marketing is the next big thing for hospitality marketing"

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The process in 3 steps

1. We will visit you, film and take photos. We use GoPro-cameras which are very discrete and don't draw attention. We will experience the hotel and activities in the nearby surroundings. If you have inputs or ideas, we will gladly listen to them.

2. After our stay we will edit the video material and photos professionally, and finally upload a complete video to our YouTube-channel.

3. The video will be marketed via Instagram, Facebook and AdWords. We have extensive experience when it comes to online marketing, and will be able to target the video to your audience and potential customers. Check out our AdWords agency SEMify. If you want you can use the video in your social media channels and / or on your website. If you don't have Instagram or Facebook, we can help you set up it.

Our 3 deals:

· We guarantee 5.000 views on YouTube
· 1 instagram-post
· 1 facebook-post
· Standard report
· We guarantee 10.000 views on YouTube
· We guarantee 1.000 views on Facebook
· 1 Advanced report
· 3 instagram-post
· 1 facebook-post
· 1 blog-post with link
· We guarantee 20.000 views on YouTube
· We guarantee 2.000 views on Facebook
· 1 Advanced reports
· 3 instagram-post
· 3 facebook-post
· 1 blog-post with link
· Instagram bio-link to your website: 1 month
PRICE: €750
PRICE €1000
PRICE €1500
Example: in the medium deal we guarantee at least 10.000 views on YouTube and 1.000 views on facebook, the highest price per view is €0.09 (= €1000 / 11.000). However, the video will surely receive more views than that.

"14 Stats that Show Why Video Marketing is Important for Hotels"

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