Jotunheimen – Mountain climbing in Norway

Last week we traveled to Jotunheimen in Norway. Jotunheimen is a national park with the highest mountain tops in Norway.

We rented a car in Oslo and started driving north. The road trip took about 6.5 hours and when we arrived it was already dark and raining. There are many locations where you can stay in Jotunheimen, and if you sleep in tents you can be a bit more flexible. We decided to go to Leirvassbu, and sleep in a tent. However, we had a mountain cabin close to us, which was very convenient.

Day 1 in Jotunheimen

The first day we decided to climb Store Urdadalstind (2116 m), and from Leirvassbu we had to hike about 2-3 hours before we came to the foot of the mountain. Climbing Store Urdadalstind was not very difficult, however, there were moments when it became very steep and even a bit snowy.
tenting The view from our tents
sheep Our alarm clocks..
hiking Hiking to the foot of the mountain
store urdadalstind The top of Store Urdadalstind
The climb down was easier, but the hike back to our camp was tiering. Our first day was complete with a hot meal and some star gazing.

Day 2 in Jotunheimen

The second day we hired some glacier climbing equipment: ice boots and pickaxes. We set of to climb a glacier - a lot more challenging. Here is a video from the first and second day in Jotunheimen:

jotunheimen Amazing view form the top

Day 3 in Jotunheimen

On our third day, we were exhausted from all the hiking and climbing, so we took a day of. At least from hiking. Instead we went snorkeling! You heard me right, we had brought a open cell wetsuit - and went on a trout safari. Heres a video from that little adventure:

snorkling in jotunheimen A different snorkeling experience
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