Ice boating with Nora

This is the ice boat Nora! She was built 1917. She is not the oldest nor the fastest ice boat, but she is very beautiful!

In this video we sail Nora on Stora Värtan (Stockholm archipelago) in strong winds: 20-30 knots. We started with 4 in the crew, but we were 10 at the most.

Nora weighs around 1.6 ton, which is quite heavy for an ice boat. You should really try ice boating if you have the chance - it's an awesome experience!

Join the Facebook group: "Isjakten Nora" if you want to be updated on what's going on.

Snorkeling by the Gotland coast – 2017

Together with a crew of our best friends, we went to Gotland for a 5 day vacation.

The weather was awesome and the visibility was great!

We went to 4 different dive spots: Östergarnsholm, Holmhällar, Hoburgen and Djupvik. The visibility was great (for the Baltic Sea) and as usual we saw a lot of flounders.
We also found a couple of sculpins and huge schools of sticklebacks!

7 days on the Azores – Sao Miguel

Here's a little longer video from our last trip to the Azores and Sao Miguel.

I've put together all the highlights from one week, so you don't have to be bored with excessive footage.

All the places we visited:

- Ilhéu da Vila Franca Do Campo
- Ribeira Dos Caldeiros - a beautiful waterfall park.
- Furnas - natural hot spring town.
- Nordeste - north east part of the island.
- Ribeira Do Guilherme ou dos Moinhos - a river with small waterfalls that goes into the sea.
- Faial Da Terra - south east on the island, very beautiful.
- Ponta Da Ferraria - natural hot springs in the sea with a beautiful underwater landscape, with caves and several common sting rays.
- Caldeira Velha - natural hot spring in the forest with a warm waterfall!
- Sete Cidades - the legendary volcano town. The town is situated inside the crater! We drove on the crater edge.

The best trip / adventure of our lives!

Saltkråkan Race 2016 – T/S Constantia

In the beginning of October 2016, med and my friend Adam joined the sailing vessel T/S Constantia for a race - Saltkråkan Race!

The race took place in the Stockholm archipelago and lasted for about 5 hours. There were several big schooners in the race, some faster, some a bit older. Anyways, it was a great experience sailing on such a huge boat, and I look forward to the next race!

Some photos from the race:

sailboat sunset One of the first photos on the boat. This was the day before the race started.
rope to sail boat The morning of the race, on an island called Ängö.
old sail boat During the race, one of the older schooners.
swimming under sail boat Our propellors got tangled up in some old fishing nets, so I volunteered to swim down and cut the nets with a sharp knife.