Snorkeling around Ilhéu da Vila Franca do Campo

Ina and I are finally engaged! And I popped the question halfway during the snorkeling tour.

This awesome place is Ilhéu da Vila Franca do Campo! An small volcano island, south of Sao Miguel. A 10 min boat ride (5€) will get you there from Vila Franca (the village). The water was clear, and there were plenty of fish! If ever travel to the Azores, you must visit this magical island!

Free diving in Vagnhärad kalkbrott

vagnharad kalkbrott free diving

Last Saturday we went to Vagnhärad kalkbrott together with Stockholm Apnea, to do some free diving!

The visibility was great, between 12-15m clear but cold water. The surface temperature was around 12°C. We did some CWT (constant weight with fins) diving, down a line with lanyards. We swam through an airplane and even did some "bathing" in a tub at 8 meter depth. There is not much life in this limestone quarry, but we managed to spot some crayfish and perch. Check out this video:

At the end of the video, I try out my new innovation: The FlexiDive! More info about this freediving gear can be found on the webpage!
fridykning vagnharad

3 hours on Sainte Marguerite

sainte marguerite

One of our last adventure on our trip to France was to visit Sainte Marguerite! An island south of Cannes.

The island is very beautiful, but rather small. It's possible to walk around the whole island in just a couple of hours. The south coast of the island is most beautiful, and we strongly recommend that you visit Sainte Marguerite if you ever come to Cannes.

Bioluminescence in Cap d’Antibes

bioluminescence france

Cap d'Antibes is also a place worth visiting many times!

However, this is the first time we snorkeled outside of the summer months. The water temperature was between 12-14°C - not too warm ;) I've realised that the seasons change under the surface as well. The sea life is different and there were a lot of strange deep sea jellyfishes that I've never seen before. One of them even displayed some bioluminescence. My first eye to eye experience with this phenomena.