Sete Cidades

sete cidades

Sete Cidades is a small settlement located in a huge volcanic crater. You can find Sete Cidades on the west of the island São Miguel. It is recognized by the iconic twin lakes - the green and the blue lake.

Many tourists go by bus tours or private cars to the edge of the crater to see the view of Sete Cidades. However, if you want to experience Sete Cidades in a more original way, you should definitely see the views and the nature from a horse’s back. It is strongly recommended that you pick a day when the weather is clear. Clouds and fog make the experience less memorable, and colour differences between the green and the blue lake fades.

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The twin lakes are actually connected and the share the same water. So the main reasons why there is a difference in colour between the lakes, is how the light strikes the water. The volcanic arc is higher and closer to the green lake, compared to the blue lake. This results in that the green lake reflects the vegetation of the crater side, while the blue lake reflects the sky. Hence, if it is cloudy, it more difficult to spot the difference. The volcano is not active and the last time the it erupted was in 1880, so you don’t have to be worried about that when you travel to Sete Cidades.