Saltkråkan Race 2016 – T/S Constantia

In the beginning of October 2016, med and my friend Adam joined the sailing vessel T/S Constantia for a race - Saltkråkan Race!

The race took place in the Stockholm archipelago and lasted for about 5 hours. There were several big schooners in the race, some faster, some a bit older. Anyways, it was a great experience sailing on such a huge boat, and I look forward to the next race!

Some photos from the race:

sailboat sunset One of the first photos on the boat. This was the day before the race started.
rope to sail boat The morning of the race, on an island called Ängö.
old sail boat During the race, one of the older schooners.
swimming under sail boat Our propellors got tangled up in some old fishing nets, so I volunteered to swim down and cut the nets with a sharp knife.